What are the top casinos in the world?

Traveling is one of the most enriching hobbies. Through this, we have the opportunity to get to know new cultures, relax and acquire new knowledge. Without a doubt, it is  a smart way  to invest our time. When it comes to discovering new places, we find emblematic places that are worth visiting such as museums, cathedrals, beaches or casinos. The latter are usually found in majestic buildings that become a  must  on our trip. Although it is a sector that has been digitized and where we can access portals such as live casino slot online , the truth is that there are casino constructions in the world that are spectacular. In this article we will highlight the most important ones.

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The largest casino in the world is called Foxwoods Resort Casino and it is in Ledyard , Connecticut 

There are certain places that are fascinating and that house unique corners. When we travel, despite the fact that we usually have our route planned, there are always places that surprise us. One of them are the casinos online casino 3win2u, with a history that goes back centuries and that have become reference sites to visit.

The first one we highlight to discover is the world’s largest casino , Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut. It houses up to 380 gaming tables and more than 6,000 machines. The United States is a place where casinos stand out because  their theme is related to the name . At Foxwoods, it’s about Native Americans, and thanks to that, we can also learn about the history of the place.

Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City 

On the other hand, continuing with the United States, we find  Trump Taj Mahal , which is located in Atlantic City. Interestingly, it is the second city in the country with the largest number of casinos. This casino keeps in its history the fact that it was inaugurated with a performance by the mythical king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Venetian Macao and Wynn Macau , China 

We moved to the Asian continent, specifically to China to talk about two other very important casinos. The first of them is Venetian Macao, a  super complex  that includes hotel suites, bars, restaurants and gaming areas. All of this makes it an amazing mini city. On the other hand, Wynn Macau is another luxury resort inaugurated in 2006 and which houses a design in the construction that leaves no one indifferent.

The most famous European casinos 

Europe is another continent that also stands out for spectacular casinos, especially in Monaco and Germany. In the first case, it is the Casino de Monte-Carlo, which has become known worldwide. In it, you can also enjoy the opera or the theater and it is located in a facade surrounded by magical gardens. In Germany, the Baden-Baden casino was built , one of the oldest in the world being active. Tennis, spa and luxury hotels are some of the services that are inside.

Thanks to the wide variety of existing casinos and the beauty of their buildings, they make it  a new way to discover the history  of cities. A route that must be added when visiting new cities.

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