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We are a specialist publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Paranormal Romance. Being fans of the genre ourselves makes this a passion and we take great delight in bringing new authors into the limelight.

We have already published some fantastic debut novels such as Delirium Tremens and Love Hurts, both of which recently featured in the Amazon best sellers lists.

It is our mission to give an opportunity to talented new writers to gain a platform for their work in an industry that is usually highly dismissive of first time authors.

We were born when a new author approached our parent publisher and told how she had been reduced to tears after trying to talk to a well known publishing house of Science Fiction. The treatment she received nearly drove her to tear up her work and give up writing. This author subsequently joined us and has proved to be one of our most successful writers.

We publish in paperback and all the main electronic media.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our titles you will find them available in all good bookstores and online retailers.

If you have written a novel, please see our submissions page for details of how to send it to us for assessment.

Latest Release

The Bequeathal – Godsent

An extraordinary debut by Zoran Jevtic. Only just released and already collecting glowing reviews in the Guardian Newspaper Website, on Amazon and on The Book Reviewer. Zoran is an author to watch out for and we are proud to be associated with him.

Prior to the filming of The Matrix, Keanu Reeves said he was required to read three books before he even saw the script. One of those was by Jean Baudrillard and another from the internationally acclaimed Introducing… series.

Now, in GODSENT, a contributor to several books from the same series, and co-author of Introducing Baudrillard, who has also had rare personal access to the great cultural theorist, has taken simulacra to reality. In this fast-paced SF novel, he combines fresh philosophical notions with original concepts of digitised afterlife and reconstructed psyche to bring us to a brand-new evolutionary stage.

The Bequeathal: GODSENT

In a post-crash, rebooted world, Eugene Reece is one of the billions of pre-indebted citizens whose lives are augmented by the virtualized intellects of the deceased. If anything, his stats tag him average, though a notch more disillusioned and a degree less spirited than the next, permanently connected individual but his surplus dose of ironic self-derision makes him slightly discrepant. The tedium of Eugene‘s drudge is forever broken during one of his habitual visits to Soho and a too-good-to-pass offer of beta-testing a personal entertainment clone. This results in expensive and fatal biological damage and, although accidental, his indecipherable crime earns him the attentions of the anti-terror agency, subjection to unimaginable torture, and untimely physical death.

And that’s when his life really begins…

Take a front seat in this breakneck, hi-tech preview of the future, but be warned – this thought-provoking book will crawl your cranium for a long time.